If you have scrolled on your Instagram in the last few days, then you'd have seen so many clips of "Main Tera" Edits. It has become the latest trend to make videos using pictures and clips of any particular character and then add a portion of the song 'Main Tera' from Bollywood movie Kalank. And with every new trends come the following memes and jokes. Main Tera edits have also inspired several funny memes and jokes on social media these days. But if you are among the few who too want to make a Main Tera video for someone but do know how to, then we are here to help. In here, we give you easy steps to make and edit videos for the Main Tera trend.

The Main Tera edit can be rightly called the Desi version of 'Play Date' trend, where the idea is to just express love for a person/character/animals by making a short clip and adding the music. People have done these videos with their favourite food too! It is interesting to watch these trending videos and we get it, if you too want to make similar videos and be a part of it. We tell you how. Instagram Reels Update Now Allow Users to Make Videos for 30-Seconds: Report.

How to Edit 'Main Tera' Video? Easy Steps

  • The first step is to gather all your material of who you want to make the video of. If it is your own, select your best pictures and small video clips. If it is for your partner, select their pictures, your couple pictures, any video clips that you have of them. Place all of it in one folder.
  • You could edit it in your phone or computer on any video editing software.
  • To edit on Instagram Reels, Open Instagram and click on the (+) button. Select Reels.
  • Select the video clips and then select the portion of how much of it you want to be seen. Then select another clip and follow the same step. You can choose two or three clips for Reels.
  • You can select the speed of your clips, slowing down a portion of your video.
  • Then click on the music icon on the left side. Search for Main Tera track in the options. Select the portion of the song which you want to be played in the background.
  • And your video is ready to be posted.
  • If you want to add in a mix of photos and videos, then you can select any freely available video editor application on Google. But ensure you have the part of the song to add in the background. Not all apps have the music option, some of them only give the in-built music functions.

Watch Video on How to Edit Instagram Reels Video:

These are some steps to start editing your videos and just a background song will make it a part of the trend. Video editing may sound tedious but once you have all your material to edit in one folder, all you have to do is just place it one after another and make it look appealing. A little trial and error method and you will get the hang of it.

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