If your timeline is filled with "Main Tera, Main Tera, Main Tera, Main Tera, Main Tera" song videos except with shots of different, extremely gorgeous people, you're not alone. Very similar to Timothée Chalamet's Playdate trend that went viral a few months ago on TikTok, these Mai Tera edits showcase a collection of breathtaking shots of popular, good looking people. Just like a single shot of Timothée Chalamet's Playdate song went viral for looking extremely hot to fans and people started making their own edits, the desi version, 'Main Tera' has people sharing shots of themselves or the people they find good-looking(some are also posting foods) with the song in the background. However, while the trend is giving us butterflies in the stomach it is actually the funny memes and jokes that have us ROFLing hard!

The music is a part of Kalank movie's Title Track that stars Madhuri, Sonakshi, Alia, Sanjay, Aditya & Varun Dhawan. The song 'Main Tera' is voiced by Arijit Singh. Netizens are making funny memes and jokes by using shots of NOT people but other things they are obsessed with and you know how it goes on Twitter, anything that blows up parallelly has a whole army mocking it. So let's take at some of the best videos to explain the trend to you first! Here goes:

Harry Styles Obvio!

Kiara Advani Version

Beautiful Women of Bollywood

Now that you understand what exactly is going on, here are the funny versions that have us LOLing so hard:






So that is what's grabbing eyeballs on Twitter these days and we're totally loving it. Some people who are making their own 'Main Tera' edits are also being mocked for being self-centred. Well, we're here just for the hilarious memes and jokes!

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