Instagram Introduces a New Nametag Feature; Allows Users to Customize Their Digital ID
Instagram Nametag Feature (Photo Credit: Mashable)

San Francisco, Oct 5: Facebook-owned photo-messaging app Instagram on Friday introduced a new feature "Nametag" to make the process of finding and adding people and accounts easier. Nokia 7.1 Plus With 6.18-inch Display and Dual Cameras Likely to Launch in India on October 11.

"'Nametag' is a customisable identification card that allows people to find your Instagram profile when it's scanned. Your nametag is uniquely yours and makes it quick and fun to add people and accounts you discover in person," the photo-messaging app wrote in a blog-post late on Thursday. Motorola One Power Smartphone First Online Sale Today at 12 PM via Flipkart.

The feature is available globally for both Android and iOS users starting Friday.

Since "Nametag" is a customisable feature, users have the liberty to add colours, emojis and selfies with different stickers and design their own identification card. Facebook Security Again in Question! Messenger Kids App Accused of Incomplete & Vague Privacy Policy.

"To scan someone's nametag, you can either swipe right into the camera, hover over the nametag and hold down on your screen, or enter the camera by tapping 'Scan a nametag' when viewing your own," the post added.

Users would also be able to share their nametag with friends through text messages and over other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.