Chandrayaan 2 Shares First Picture of Moon: ISRO Tweets the Image Captured by Vikram Lander
Chandrayaan 2 captures first Image of Moon (Photo Credits: Twitter/ISRO)

Bengaluru, August 22: Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft after entering the lunar orbit captured the first picture of the Moon. The image was captured by the Vikram Lander at a  height of about 2,650 km from the lunar surface. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) tweeted the image on Thursday. Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters can be visible in the image. Chandrayaan 2: From What's at Stake to Launch Time and Cost, Know About India's Second Mission to Moon.

In a tweet, the ISRO said, "Take a look at the first Moon image captured by #Chandrayaan2 #VikramLander taken at a height of about 2650 km from Lunar surface on August 21, 2019. Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters are identified in the picture."

ISRO's Tweet:

The spacecraft entered the lunar orbit on Tuesday. After Chandrayaan 2 entered the Lunar orbit, ISRO chairman K Sivan said the spacecraft is on the path of a successful landing on September 7. On August 21, the space agency successfully performed the second Lunar bound orbit using the onboard propulsion system. The duration of the manoeuvre was 1228 seconds. With this, three critical manoeuvres are still pending which are to be performed on August 28, 30 and September 1 to lower the altitude of the spacecraft.

What is Mare Orientale?

Mare Orientale is a lunar mare. It is located on the western border of the near side and far side of the Moon. Mare Orientale is difficult to observe from the earth. Its images revealed it to be one of the most striking large scale lunar features.

What is Apollo Crater?

Apollo is an large impact crater located in the southern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon. Apollo is a double-ringed walled plain. crater Anders lies to its southeast. and Kleymenov crater lies to its east.  Meanwhile, the crater Barringer lies across the northern wall.

According to the Indian space agency, all spacecraft parameters are normal. The 'Baahubali' GSLV rocket successfully put Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft into Earth's orbit on July 22. After the success of the mission, India will become the fourth country after the United States, Russia and China to make soft landing on the lunar surface.