Tennis in Space! Watch Astronauts Play The Sport in Zero Gravity
The tennis setup in Space (Photo credits: Twitter/usopen)

Life in space is not easy with the loss of atmosphere and absence of total gravity. Astronauts have to really train themselves hard, physically, mentally to prepare to go in space. And life up there is too busy with all the research and work assigned. But all work and no play can get stressful and astronauts do manage to get some time off and relax. A video of astronauts playing tennis in space has come up on social media and it has obviously attracted a lot of attention. A first of its kind, the game is played between NASA astronaut Drew Feustel and crewmates Ricky Arnold, Serena Auñón-Chancellor (both of NASA) and Alexander Gerst (of the European Space Agency). How do Astronauts Pee and Poop in Space? NASA Astronaut Reveals The Misery of Spaceship Toilets. 

The match was shown on a 3D projection mapping on the Unisphere. It was shown in New York at the Flushing Meadows Park, on the night of August 21. The match caught the attention of those who would not be a keen enthusiast in the sport. The match was aired on US Open's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. It was a historic event in itself. Russian Astronauts Play Football With Official Ball in Space, Watch Video.

Check out the video of the Tennis match played in space:

It was a heated match for sure, with the astronauts struggling in the limitations of the environment. This great attempt by the US Tennis Association and Feustel was to inspire not only the young sportspeople but also other astronauts. Draw Feustal has been a tennis fan for long and he was prepared for the match. He had even taken tips from professional tennis player Juan M. del Potro.

To ensure the safety in the space cabin, they used tiny racquets and tennis ball to play. We can see how the ball also did not bounce, while astronauts struggled as they floated around. "You really don't want to break a window or something," Gordon Smith, the executive director of United States Tennis Association (USTA), told But it was interesting to see how the astronauts found the time and sportingly engaged in the sport.