Total Solar Eclipse 2019 Photos: Stunning Captures of Surya Grahan From Around the World (See Pictures)
Total Solar Eclipse (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The world witnessed a total solar eclipse on Tuesday as the Sun disappeared behind the Moon. The eclipse was the first of its kind to occur in the past two years. The Surya Grahan had lasted for around four minutes and 33 seconds. The event was perfect for space enthusiasts to watch the Moon passing between the Earth and the Sun. Meanwhile, people have taken to Twitter sharing pictures of the celestial occurrence. Photos of the stunning natural phenomenon are pouring in from various countries on social media. Total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019: Here's the List of Countries From Where the Celestial Event Will be Visible.

During a total solar eclipse, the visible disk of the Sun is blocked by the Moon casting a shadow on the Earth’s surface. In the case of a total solar eclipse, the Moon completely blocks the Sun’s light. Some of the places from where the total solar eclipse was visible include major parts of South America, Chile, Argentina and parts of Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Panama. Partial eclipsing was visible in Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru. Total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019: List of Do’s and Don’ts During Sutak and Surya Grahan Today.

Check out some of the stunning shots of the total solar eclipse here!


Whatta a Beauty!

Now, That's a Rare Sight!

A Sight to Behold!

During a solar eclipse, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth as it crosses paths with the sun. Then the moon partially or totally moves in front of the sun. The next solar eclipse will be visible over South America will appear on December 14, 2020. Prior to which, this year, an annular eclipse of the Sun will be visible on December 26 over parts of central Asia, Africa and Australia.