Worried About Losing Your Christmas and New Year Gift? Try Glitter Bomb Box Created by NASA Engineer That Will Track The Thief, Watch Video
Engineer designs glitter bomb box for thieves (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

The holiday season has a lot to do with gifting. With Christmas and New Year gifts being left on the porches for a surprise, it also means there will be thieves having their run at it. The unattended packages left outside the houses are casually flicked by thieves. A NASA engineer who had his package stolen once decided to seek vengeance by creating a complex gift box, with a glitter bomb inside. Mark Rober put up a video on YouTube about his thief deterrent. So your Christmas and New Year packages will seek vengeance. Russian Thief Painted His Face in Green to Disguise His Identity! Watch Hilarious Video.

Rober had one of his packages stolen about 7 months ago. The theft was recorded on the camera but the police still could not trace the thief. Feeling powerless, he decided to use his skill set to create a gift box that will record the unpackaging and he's got too creative with it. Rober worked on making the hardware for the Curiosity Rover. There is an inbuilt GPS, four phones which will track the thief as soon as the package leaves the spot. Thief Looks Like Ross Geller and People Cannot Keep Calm While British Police Are on the Lookout.

Watch Video of Glitter Bomb Devised by NASA Engineers for Package Thieves

To seek his vengeance, the engineer has also added a fart spray inside the box. A small motor will start once the lid is opened and spray it five times every 30 seconds. It is a complicated device with a spinning cup attached on the motor. As soon as the thieves open the lid, the motor kicks into gear and spray glitter in every direction. It is hi-tech but will clearly cover trap the thief into a surprise, provided the thieves do not carry the box realisation, there are phones inside.

Rober's idea is sure innovative and took about 6 months of research in designing. It very much reminds us of the Kevin from Home Alone series, who dealt with the thieves in his house in the same innovative yet naughty ways.