Modi Govt Changes Track On Covid-19 Vaccines After Supreme Court's Observations, Announces Free Vaccine For All

INDIA Team Latestly|

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on June 7 that the Centre would provide vaccines free of charge to all above 18 from June 21. The Centre would take back control of vaccination from states, reversing a policy change that was enforced just about a month ago. “From June 21 (International Day of Yoga), the Centre will provide free vaccines to states,” PM Modi announced in an address to the nation. The Centre will buy 75 per cent of the vaccines produced by companies, including 25 per cent assigned to states. Private hospitals will continue to buy the remaining 25 per cent and inoculate those willing to pay for their jabs. They can't, however, charge more than Rs 150 as service charge per dose over the fixed price of the vaccine, the PM said. In a speech that took on critics, PM Modi put out an emphatic defence of his vaccine policy, which has come under opposition attack and was last week questioned by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court had on June 2 called the policy of free vaccines for people who are above 45 and paid doses for the 18-44 group "arbitrary and irrational". India's vaccine policy had been a success because of "good intentions and clear policy", PM Modi asserted, comparing his government's performance on that score to its predecessors.

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