Kamala Harris made history when she was picked by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as his running mate on August 11. Kamala Harris is the first Asian-American on a major presidential ticket. Harris is the daughter of Indian mother from Chennai, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a cancer researcher who passed away in 2009, and Jamaican father, Donald Harris, who teaches at Stanford University. The parents separated when Harris and her younger sister Maya Harris were still very young. From Kamala’s name to her focus on immigration & equal rights, Shyamala has had a profound influence and lasting legacy on her daughter. Shyamala gave Kamala Harris and her sisters Sanskrit names to connect their heritage with their identities. In her opening remarks during first campaign appearance as Joe Biden's choice for vice president, California Senator Kamala Harris on August 12 talked about her parents and discussed the importance of family in her life. Watch the video to know more about Kamala Harris.