Buenos Aires, March 2: Scientists have discovered fossils of one of the titanosaur dinosaurs that lived 140 million years ago. The fossils have been unearthed in Argentina's Patagonian wilderness, reported Reuters. The fossils reportedly represent a dinosaur species named Ninjatitan zapatai. This species lived 140 million years ago at the time of the Cretaceous period. Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaur's Footprints Reveal The Reptiles Once Lived in Oakley, Australia.

The skeletal remains of the dinosaur were found in the south of Neuquen city in the South American country. "Titanosaurs are recorded on various sides of the world, but the oldest-known records were more modern than this find." Reported the global news agency quoting study lead author Pablo Gallina, a researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina as saying. Forget 'Cloned' Dinosaur in China, Find Real Dinosaur Fossils At These 5 Places Around The World.

Ninjatitan had a length of about 65 feet (20 meters). However, it is smaller than later titanosaurs such as Argentinosaurus, which was reportedly around 115 metres. According to many experts, the discovery supports the idea that titanosaurs were originated in the Southern Hemisphere. The discovery was published in the scientific journal Ameghiniana.

Titanosaurs are part of a larger dinosaur group called sauropods. This group of dinosaurs include Brontosaurus and Diplodocus. These dinosaurs lived in North America during the Jurassic period. Argentinosaurus, Patagotitan and Dreadnoughtus are titanosaurs that lived in Patagonia.

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