Lion Air Crash: Data From Black-Box Reveals Pilots Struggled To Control Aircraft
Lion Jet Air Representational Image (Credits: Flickr)

Jakarta, November 28: The data recovered from the black-box of the Lion Air flight JT-610 which crashed near Jakarta last month, revealed that pilots struggled to control the plane after it developed a technical glitch. According to a draft of a preliminary report by Indonesian authorities, Lion Air pilots struggled to maintain control of a Boeing jet as its automatic safety system repeatedly pushed the plane’s nose down.  The Indonesian theories are also investigating whether faulty information from sensors led the plane's system to force the nose down.

Earlier, after the recovery of the black box, reports surfaced that an airspeed indicator of the Boeing Co 737 MAX plane was damaged for its last four flights. The model includes an automated system that pushes the nose down if a sensor detects that the nose is pointed so high that the plane could go into an aerodynamic stall. Information from the Lion Air jet's flight data recorder was also included in a briefing for the Indonesian Parliament. Lion Air Jet: Another Accident Occurs Just a Week After Deadly Indonesia Crash

After the crash, Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee discussed the matter with the US and Boeing authorities to rectify the problem in rest of the planes operating the world. Till now, 219 737 MAX jets have been delivered to customers globally and 4,564 orders for jets yet to be delivered. Meanwhile, in the wake of the Lion Air crash, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) also asked Jet Airways and SpiceJet to check all their Boeing 737 Max aircraft and told the airlines to take corrective actions to resolve the issue. Indonesia Plane Crash: Indian Pilot Bhavye Suneja Was Flying Lion Air Flight JT 610

On October 29, the plane lost contact 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta at around 6.20am local time. There were 189 passengers on board when the tragic incident took place. The flight was on its way to the tin-mining town of Pangkal Pinang. Indian pilot Bhavye Suneja was the captain of the Lion Air flight.