Palestine Presses International Criminal Court for Immediate Action Against Israel
File Photo of Palestine Foreign Minister Riad Malki (On the Right) | Photo Credits: Twitter@@MevlutCavusoglu)

Riad Malki, the foreign minister of Palestine, has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday to start an “immediate investigation” into alleged crimes committed by Israel. The foreign minister emphasized on an investigation alleging that grave crimes are being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

This request by minister Riad Malki is sure to worsen the relations between the already sparring two nations. The foreign minister was speaking to reporters at the ICC in the Hague, Netherlands. He confirmed that he has submitted the referral to the court and said that he had a meeting with the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda.

According to reports, the referral seeks an investigation into Israeli policies in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. The referral also mentions that the state of Palestine accepted ICC’s jurisdiction in 2014, asserted the foreign minister.

On May 19, The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in a session voted to begin a probe in the recent deadly Israel-Palestine clashes in Gaza.

As per certain media reports, apart from Australia and the United States, all other members voted in favour of the investigation.

Further, the UNHRC called for dispatching a commission of inquiry and conducting highest level of investigation.

The members further called for an investigation in all alleged cases of violation and abuses conducted by military forces.

Since March, Gaza had witnessed massive Israel-Palestine clashes that have claimed lives of more than 100 people including 60 Palestines and injuring several others.

As far as Palestine moving the ICC is concerned, the ICC can charge the suspects of the crime, but has no police force and is dependent on member states for enforcement of any action.