Will Marijuana be Legalised in The US? President Donald Trump May End up Supporting Senator Gardner’s Bill
US President Donald Trump (Photo Credits: PTI)

Will Marijuana be legalised in the United States? Well it seems so! Before boarding to Marine One en route to the Group 7 summit in Canada, United States President Donald Trump hinted that he may approve the bipartisan effort. The U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, a Colorado Republican on June 7 unveiled a bipartisan state’s rights marijuana bill with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. They say that will allow states, territories and tribes to “decide for themselves” how to regulate legal marijuana. When asked about this legislation, Trump answered to the reporters about the bill, he knows and supports Senator Gardner.

“I support Senator Gardner. I know exactly what he's doing,” Trump told the US reporters. “We're looking at it. But I probably will end up supporting that, yes,” he adds further. Meanwhile, U.S. Sen Gardner informed the reporters that he had discussed about the legislation with Trump, whom he had earlier pushed to assure states that their rights would not be invaded by the administration’s decision to roll back on marijuana implementation, an Obama-era policy. “This is a states’ right issue,” Gardner told in a statement on June 8. “I was glad to hear the president’s comments this morning and his continued interest in an approach that respects the will of the voters in each state regarding the prohibition or legalization of marijuana,” continues the US Senator.

On Trump’s remarks towards marijuana, the New York city-based, Drug Policy Alliance expert Michael Liszewski said via email, “To have a bill introduced by two prominent members of both political parties that would allow states to set their own marijuana laws and less than 24 hours later have the president say he's more than open to the proposal means that we are closer than ever to passing meaningful marijuana reform at the federal level.”

The bill ensures “that each state has the right to determine for itself the best approach to marijuana within its borders.” It has been reported that the measure if passed would further modify the federal definition of marijuana to exclude industrial hemp; prohibit distribution of marijuana at transportation facilities, like rest areas and truck stops; bar sales of marijuana to those under age 21 except for medical purposes; and maintain protections against endangering human life while manufacturing a controlled substance, as well as prohibitions on employing those under age 18 in marijuana operations.

Well if approved, it could be a great improvement for pot industry. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has committed to make marijuana legal by this year.  As per the latest report, in Canada the Senate has approved the bill legalise recreational marijuana, and the government will have to decide if to approve, reject or modify the changes before returning the bill back to the Senate for another vote.