Yellow Vest Protesters Cover Eiffel Tower in Thick Black Smoke, Seek French President Emmanuel Macron to Revoke Fuel Taxes
Eiffel Tower covered in thick black smoke due to Yellow Vest protests in Paris on Sunday. | Image Courtesy: Twitter

Paris, December 30: Protesters in Paris during the ‘yellow vest’ protest on Sunday covered the iconic Eiffel Tower in thick black smoke, after riot police fired tear gas to disperse the violent crowds. The protesters set ablaze several cars and left those to burn in the streets as a demonstration against the French government’s tax policies – resumed for the seventh consecutive week.

Though the number of demonstrators was comparatively low than the previous week, the protest did play a havoc role in the city. Along with engulfing the cars, the protesters marched on the headquarters of various French media organisations, blaming it for “fake news” and chanted “journalists – collaborationists”. There were others too, hurling stones, and descended on the offices of TV network BFM and the state-run France Televisions. Police Teargas 'yellow Vest' Protesters in Paris.

Termed as the gilet jaunes (yellow vest) protests, people in France are gathering in large number on the streets to show their anger against the government’s tax policies. Protesters have accused media houses of supporting French president Emmanuel Macron’s government and big businesses since November 17.

Police in riot gear intervened on Sunday and made several arrests, but till then the damage has been done. With the city choking in fumes and covered in thick black smoke, the situation in the capital became out of control, forcing the police to fire tear gas on protesters.

Not only Paris, but protests also continued in cities like Marseille, Albertville in the Alps, Rouen in Normandy, Nantes, western France, and protests were expected in Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse. France Yellow Vest Protests: Macron Bows Down to Protesters.

Though President Emmanuel Macron ceded to several of protesters’ demands for tax relief and other economic help, the protest has morphed from fuel taxes to widespread criticism of Macron. President Macron has been accused of neglecting the rising costs of living for many in rural and small-town France.