Bengaluru-based Saddam Hussein Keeps This Ram Temple Clean and Running
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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], April 11 (ANI): In what could be perceived as an example of devotion with no boundaries, a 27-year-old Muslim man has been cleaning and taking care of a Ram temple here for the past three years. Ahead of Ram Navami - the celebration of the birth of Lord Ram - 27-year-old Saddam Hussein is once again engaged in cleaning up the premises. Hussein says he finds peace of mind while working at the Lord's adobe.The temple, situated in Rajajinagar area of the city, is thronged by a large number of devotes who also appreciate and encourage the work being done by Hussein.Speaking to ANI, Venkatesh Babu, an office-bearer in the temple committee, said, "He has been working with me at my shop for over 18 years. After I was elected as an office bearer of the temple committee, I gave him the responsibility of cleaning the temple. He comes every year before Ram Navami and cleans the temple.""There are no issues between Hindus and Muslims in this region. We all live in complete harmony. This all is a political issue but common man lives cordially," he added.Hussein also remains unfazed by any Hindu-Muslim tension and remains dedicated to his work."I am a Muslim by birth and have been working in this temple from last 3 years. I feel good and it gives me peace of mind. I take care of complete cleaning. No one has ever objected to it. Hindu-Muslims are like brothers and everyone in the temple, as well as my family, appreciates my work."Ram Navami will be celebrated across the country on Sunday, April 11. (ANI)

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