Chhattisgarh: Raipur Introduces 'eco-friendly' Wood Logs for Funerals
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Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], Aug 1 (ANI): In order to stop cutting of trees, the municipal corporation in Raipur has introduced 'eco-friendly' logs made out of cow dung for funerals.

"We will provide these logs free of cost. We make this with help of a machine, which produces logs sufficient for four funerals daily," Rajkumar Sahu, President of the organisation which produces the logs told ANI.

Mayor of Raipur, Pramod Dubey said this will put a brake to the cutting of trees in the state.

"To obtain wood for funeral, large number of trees are cut. This damages the environment and produces a lot of smoke. That's why we opted for this eco-friendly method. This will also generate employment. The logs will be provided to all cemeteries," Dubey told ANI.

Dubey added that there are 20 big funeral places in Raipur, which will benefit from these special logs made from cow dung. (ANI)

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