GoAir Flight Lands Safely in Mumbai After Facing Technical Glitch in Engine

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Nov 26 (ANI): A full emergency was declared on Tuesday evening for a GoAir flight from Mumbai to Lucknow due to a technical failure.The incident took place at 7:57 pm. GoAir flight G8-2610 returned and landed safely and the emergency was withdrawn later.In a statement, GoAir spokesperson stated that the flight from Mumbai to Lucknow did a "precautionary" air turn back shortly after takeoff owing to a technical glitch with one of its CFM engines. After turn back, the flight landed safely with 178 passengers and 4 crew onboard the Airbus A320 CEO aircraft at Mumbai."The aircraft will be put back into service following an inspection and rectification by the GoAir engineering team. At GoAir, the safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance and the airline sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused to its passengers," the spokesperson stated. (ANI)

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