Guwahati Residents Demand Redesigning of Bridge to Save Trees

Guwahati, Nov 10 (PTI) Residents of Guwahati formed a human chain on Sunday demanding redesigning of the proposed bridge over Brahmaputra between North Guwahati and Bharalumukh area here to save trees and parks at the riverfront.

The participants of the campaign demanded that the proposed bridge be redesigned to protect the Sankardev and Azan Pir parks and the trees at the Bharalu Basin and the Brahmaputra riverfront stretching from Bharalumukh to Kalipur areas of the city.

One of the participants said redesigning the bridge will not cause a delay in its construction.

Another participant demanded that the government appoint a technical committee with stakeholders from different fields to find a solution to the issue.

An octogenarian resident said the green cover at the riverfront, which has over 300 trees that are more than 50 years old, would be affected if the project is not redesigned.

Another elderly person said the government could have consulted the people before preparing the detailed project report.

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