Bhopal, Jul 4 (PTI) The belongings of Rajya Sabha MP Sumitra Valmiki were taken out of a circuit house room she had mistakenly moved into by the caretaker without her permission, an official said on Monday.

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The incident left the Dalit BJP parliamentarian fuming, with a video showing her vent her anger while speaking on the phone.

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"The incident took place on Sunday. She was allotted room number three in the circuit house. By mistake she moved into room number five. The caretaker took her belongings out in her absence. We have served the caretaker a notice and will take action against him," Sagar Collector Deepak Arya told PTI.

He denied speculation from some quarters that room number five was being cleared in a hurry as it had been allotted to a BJP minister.

In the video, Valmiki can be heard asking who gave anyone the authority to shift her belongings, including clothes and innerwear, without her permission and that too in the absence of any woman.

"I have complained to Bhopal (state government). Just because mantri has come, does it mean you can do this," she can be heard saying in the video.

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha uploaded this video on his Twitter handle and admonished the Shivraj Singh Chouhan Singh government for showing disrespect to an MP in order to welcome a minister.

Attempts to contact Valmiki were in vain, and on one occasion a man answered a call made on her phone number and said she was busy in a meeting since 2pm.

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