New Delhi, December 28: While some fashion trends go out of style, some make a comeback, leaving their impact on society, something we have observed time and again. 2021 wasn't quite the triumphant return to normalcy as we all hoped for, but that didn't really stop fashion-lovers to experiment with a slew of new fashion trends.

The lifting of lockdown restrictions sparked a surge in the sale of 'comfy' trousers as people returned to work after a long break.

Any fashion lover will know that the impact of fashion has been influenced by the trends in society. 2021 was an eventful year for fashion. From adhering to safety norms to setting up fashion goals, fashion-lovers did it all!

From saying goodbye to skinny jeans to scouting faux leather pants for our wardrobe, the rollercoaster of the fashion cycle was indeed incredible this year. Here are some of the 2021 fashion trends that re-structured the pre-pandemic fashion diary.

1. Vibrant Colours

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Sunny hue, Poppin Pink, Purple Red, Vibrant Orange, and not to forget--the Lime Green! The fashion enthusiasts goaded themselves to these mood-lifting colours after the jinx of pandemic came to some rest.

2. Bold Prints

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Floral, botanical and psychedelic statement prints surged this year as they acted as a mood-uplifting way to raise people's spirits amidst the pandemic.

3. Ivory Shades

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Off-white, cream, ivory -- the tusk-white shades also had a huge impact on the fashion industry, mid-way through the year. These shades don't only reflect warmer temperatures, but also exude versatility, and a certain vision of luxury.

4. Animal Print

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Animal Print is a trend that never goes out of style. However, it has a certain period when it gets popular-- usually during the winter/fall season. The wildlife pattern prints include leopard, cheetah, snow leopard, zebra, tiger, snake, and more. This print usually signifies independence and confidence.

5. Tie-Dye Print

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This was a major fashion trend that indeed had a 'splashy' comeback in 2020. This style has its roots in the 1960s. This fashion trend signifies comfort, nostalgia, cheeriness, and youthfulness.

6. Funky Pants

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Mom jeans were the number one denim silhouette fashion-lovers used to include in their wardrobe. We said goodbye to the millennial-beloved skinny jeans and welcomed the boot cuts, 70s wide-legged jeans, '90s skater jeans. Bold printed pants also made their structured place in our wardrobes.

7. Faux Leather Pants

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With flares and baggy jeans in trend, we also saw the rise of faux leather pants in 2021. Leather pants did go out of fashion for some time, but to bring the glamour back -- dramatic faux leather pants were seen in full swing this year; and if you are also somebody to go with the trend, you must have at least three to four pairs of leather pants in your closet.

8. Corset Tops

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This body-hugging silhouette has been one of the major fashion trends for the year 2021. The underwear garment that became an outerwear trend has resurged its popularity since the 70s. The corset tops were not fully out of trend but became much popular in late 2021.

9. Customised Funky Jewellery

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Mismatched jewellery, chunky monochrome rings, thick chains, stone necklaces, golden jewellery, scrunchies, whimsical beads, colourful chunky bangles -- were some of the popular jewellery trends of 2021.

10. Chunky Loafers

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When it comes to footwear, sneakers and killer heels were almost nowhere to be seen and instead were replaced with chunky and thick chained sandals, also called loafers. Bringing back the Charlier Chaplin times, the dramatic chunky loafers were popping everywhere, becoming the most popular shoes of 2021.

These are the most popular fashion trends of the year 2021. While some fashion enthusiasts and celebs made style statements with comfy fashion, many opted to outshine the 'power' dressing inclusive of shimmer and shine to compensate for all the lost time on the red carpets and on-screen drama. (ANI)

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