Washington DC [USA], Oct 5 (ANI): The three US chairmen overseeing an investigation into US President Donald Trump's July phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart, on Friday issued a subpoena to the White House, requesting documents relevant to the House's impeachment inquiry be delivered within two weeks, Sputnik reported.A statement issued by Democratic Representatives Elijah E. Cummings, Adam Schiff and Eliot Engel in this regard read, "We deeply regret that President Trump has put us -- and the nation -- in this position, but his actions have left us with no choice but to issue this subpoena.""After nearly a month of stonewalling, it appears clear that the President has chosen the path of defiance, obstruction, and cover-up," the statement said, as cited by CNN.Earlier this week, Democrats had told the White House to expect subpoenas related to the Ukraine matter.The matter pertains to a complaint filed by a whistleblower stating that US President pressurised his Ukraine's counterpart to open unsubstantiated allegations of corruption against Biden and his son, Hunter, and other matters he saw as potentially beneficial to him for political gains. (ANI)

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