If you are a celebrity real estate titan, Augustine Ewiah  ( Ceo of Cameo 1 Homes) known as Gus Cameo, sometimes you are helping World funniest comedian with his new home, and other times sharing books with children.
“I will go with them to the village where they are building a children’s school, launching a water pipe and listening to them talk about their passion and what makes them fulfilled . You have to stay humble when dealing with high profile people. They are the superstar not me”
Gus has built a name representing international celebrities including Major ( why I love you so ) artist and Micheal Blankson to name a few.
Given a career finessing deals in such rarefied air, one might expect a personality that reels to the cosmetic. Instead, Gus possesses an authentic charm that disarm- optimal for elite Clientel who live behind guided gates.
Gus wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when he returned from Atlanta Georgia after 20 years . He had difficulties finding a lifestyle accommodation using professional services.
“I realized there was a need for this services, catering to elites who have special lifestyle “ says Gus .
With years of real estate and business experience, Gus works with individuals, investors and developers who are interested in Ghana’s most coveted properties and value added projects, and specializes in residential luxury real estate properties .
Currently he represents the largest property in Ghana, THE PLANTATION, sitting on 57 acres of land and listed at $ 3,5 million USD. His portfolio continues to include some of the most prestigious and marquee homes in Ghana.