What is Gould Industries? 

Gould Industries, a division of Panetta Power based in Montreal, Canada Manufacturing private label  products from scratch since 1954 has a reputation of quality, innovation, and production skills that defines  them from others. Recycling more than 25 million kilos of plastic yearly, Gould Industries has a direct  impact on their environment and takes its role very seriously, always making strides to improve daily. We're  unique by our approach our putting the customer, the environment, and our place in the community over  profit. Without Montreal-North, Panetta wouldn't be the powerhouse he is today.

Frederico Panetta, and his role at Gould Industries 

CEO, Frederico Panetta, originally from Montreal-North’s streets, has a noticeable presence when he walks  into a room with a reputation of taking companies that have lost steam by building them back up and help  them redefine their goals by setting them on the right path while managing growth along the way. With  years of manufacturing and distribution knowledge, Frederico Panetta can identify the strengths of his  employees and utilize them to bring forth the most value to the company. This skill is applied all across the  board with suppliers and customers along with supply chain resources. Every detail counts in the supply  chain management, but most importantly the team that is with you daily. While improving others around  him, Frederico Panetta improves the efficiencies of every project he takes part in.  

What is the future for Gould Industries? 

Gould Industries is at a pivotal point as company culture intertwines with the spirit of our community in  Montreal and beyond its roots. We've had a major part in an initiative to improve employee retention and  performance through a new artist program bringing life and creativity to our community. By using our main  building as a humongous canvas, we've created a major tourist landmark in Montreal curated by our local  artist Enmasse which draws attention from spectators worldwide. This makes for an attractive place to take  pictures and discover beautiful parts of Montreal for tourists. Beyond just an emphasis on bringing life to  our community through art, we're always pushing towards retaining a forward-thinking green attitude when  it comes to our emphasis on renewable materials. 

What's worked so far for Gould Industries in the past and what will it do to improve going forward  under your leadership? 

Under Frederico Panetta's leadership, a lot has changed for Gould industries, a major highlight being in the  research and development department. Mr. Panetta has introduced new and creative ways to offer eco friendly solutions to retailers and directly to the customers with packaging and products that are unique and  one of their kind. Also being a smaller player in the industry, one remarkable moment in the past year has  been the signing of an international deal with a worldwide Fortune 500 company for our personal care  category of manufacturing. Opening the gates and our reach as a Prime Seller Partner at Amazon across  the USA, Canada & Mexico, we are taking off with robust momentum and gaining market share in new  territories disrupting the industry worldwide. In a nutshell, we're a small family business knocking on the  door of bigger players challenging them in terms of innovation, and modernizing an old industry with a fresh  and way of getting the job done!