Moy Baun is an up and coming artist hailing from New York. With influences from both reggae and classic hip-hop, he has successfully combined the two styles putting him in a league of his own. He has an impressive tracklist of songs, including his single Solid, which he then made a second version featuring Sizzla, a reggae legend. Today Moy Baun is making himself a familiar name in the music industry, steadily gaining attention with his new single “Chances”.

He grew up in Queens, New York, raised by his mother. It was no walk in the park growing up there, but he appreciates all the grit and toughness it instilled in him. Through all the challenges he faced during those times, he always kept a positive mindset and an ambitious attitude. Moy Baun says in those most difficult moments, it's not where he found out who he was, but it's where he decided who he wanted to become. He lives for those kinds of moments, and he's always willing to take a chance to bet on himself.

With his unique flow and melody, he describes the battles he faced and how he overcame them by focusing on his blessings and remaining resilient through all the negativity. His whole life, he's been taking chances, and his success is evidence that believing in yourself pays off. That's what “Chances” is all about. He wants people to know they can do anything they want as long they are willing to take risks. You have to risk it all to have it all.

Moy Baun's creativity and realness will keep him on a track headed to the top, where he plans to stay for a long time. With his consistency and dedication, he has amassed himself a following that grows day by day. The music video for “Chances” is steadily gaining views on Youtube, gathering nearly one hundred thousand views. Go and check it out, and expect to see more of Moy Baun soon!

Keep up with Moy Baun and his music on Instagram @moybaun.