Global financial markets constantly fluctuates. Therefore, it is easy for you to fall into market traps when using traditional tools. Fortunately, PrimusFX Super Bot with artificial intelligence technology enabling it to automatically analyze market trends, is capable of tackling market fluctuations. The Bot adopts HEDGE algorithm, which is designed to make a BUY/SELL order on any pairs of transactions to maintain balance. Thus, trading accounts are always protected even when the market sharply fluctuates.

Thanks to our trading experts, everyone now has an opportunity to take advantage of our software to begin earning passive income for a lifetime. Our highly effective software have been backtested for three years, using 99.9% accurate modeling data and gone through one year of piloting in live market conditions to ensure that it could operate in both favourable and highly volatile market conditions. Since being launched, EA has been making an average monthly profit of 5% to 10%.