Steelbird Ignyte Rain Gear Review: An Affordable Rainwear For Every Bike Rider During Monsoon
Ignyte Rain Wear (File Photo)

With monsoon hitting the shores, it not only brings a sigh of relief from the summer heat but also brings joy and excitement. But, this joy is short-lived as it also brings dirty, wet feet, waterlogged roads and traffic especially for the bike riders. Perhaps, the biggest dilemma that most bike riders (rather commuters) face is about keeping themselves dry from the downpour. It is always advisable that you gear up while riding in the rain to ensure you remain dry inside. Showers can be tricky sometimes and riding in these conditions can be risky too. There are many products in the market advertised an appropriate gear of rain to be waterproof. But, they aren’t. Can the rainwear from Steelbird keep the bike rider dry even in torrential downpours? Is it efficient and trustworthy? Let’s find out! TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Road Test Review: A True Limitless 160cc Racing Machine.

Steelbird R2K Helmet (Photo Credits: Steelbird)

Steelbird R2K Night Vision Helmet: Helmet being the essential safety gear for a rider, we’ll start with the headgear. Wearing a helmet while riding in the rain has several positive aspects to it. Firstly, it keeps your head dry and secondly maintains the visibility while riding, particularly for the riders with glasses. Multiple water droplets on the glasses ruin the clarity increasing the chances of an accident. Wearing a helmet is very important and choosing a right helmet is even more imperative. The R2K Night Vision from Steelbird is a full-faced helmet with ISI certifications. The High Impact ABS Material shell with multilayer EPS Thermocol is designed to take high-density impacts. The buckle on the full-face helmet is a conventional quick release buckle which is claimed to meet the European Standards. The helmet gets breathable padding along with neck protector proffering extra comfort. However, more mesh lining inside the mask would have been an added advantage. Another highlight of the helmet is the polycarbonate anti-scratch coated visor along with quick release mechanism. However, the vents do make whistling noise while riding face-on into the wind or when rider’s head is turned.

Ignyte Rain Wear (File Photo)

Ignyte Rain Jacket & Pant: The second most essential gear that will keep you dry while riding in the rain is Ignyte Rainwear set which comprises an Ignyte jacket and pant. Both the products are made from 100 per cent Polyamide smooth, high-quality material. The fabric is not only water repellent but also breathable, reducing the chances of getting wet due to sweat. The zipper jacket is sealed with PU tape ensuring protection for the rider. The reflectors on both the sides of the jacket come in handy while riding in heavy rain. The rain pant, on the other hand, too ensured proper protection during heavy rain conditions. However, the fitting was a bit of an issue here, as we got a bigger unit. All-in-all, jacket and pant surprisingly performed pretty well under heavy rain.

Ignyte Rain Gloves: The Ignyte waterproof gloves made from 100 per cent Polyamide material comes with high-quality PVC leather ensuring excellent gripping. However, the gripping was a bit of an issue as the product came straight out of the sealed box, which took time to make the shape of the hand.  Also, the plastic mould cover inside adds a safety of knuckles and reflective on sides. It features a breathable fabric that is water repellent ensuring a perfect pair of dry hands in heavy rain. However, the polyfill layer used inside sometimes does make hands feel bit crampy. Overall, the product is price worthy. Honda X-Blade 160 Road Test Review: A Robo Inspired Commuter Motorcycle.

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Side (File Photo)

Ignyte Shoe Cover: Many riders do not give attention to the shoes while riding, as they too get wet in the rain. Well, a shoe cover is the best solution to this problem. The shoe covers are also made from the material used for jacket and pants and feature elastic and velcro for better grip. Also, the fabric which is water repellent and breathable comes with reflective on sides. The shoe cover provides an extra production from the rain that not only keeps the shoes waterproof but also increases the longevity of the shoes. However, the glue used to hold the material to the sole started coming off in just ten days of usage.

Verdict: To sum it up, the entire Ignyte rain gear from Steelbird is affordable and trustworthy rainwear that every rider should look up to while riding in the rain. However, there are some aspects that the company need to keep an eye while making these predicaments.