Streetwear is a staple in the wardrobe of most of us, and the trend is certainly on the rise - particularly in Australia. Providing a look you can wear just about anywhere, including parties, cafe’s, restaurants and the beach, street fashion is here to stay. With the emergence of new brands nearly every week, it can be hard to know which brand to spend your money and which brand to choose. Each with their own unique style and clothing lines, here we present the top Australian streetwear brands to watch in 2021.

SOUTH.ST The Label -

How to describe SOUTH.ST The Label in five words? Stylish and sexy, but comfy. Based in Melbourne, SOUTH.ST was created by designer Harley Rae Booth. “My aim was to bring effortless and inexpensive style to the Australian and global markets,” she says. “My designs are centred around making my customers feel confident, stylish and sexy, whilst still being comfortable as they go about their busy lives. People have way too much to worry about already and comfort shouldn't be one of them,” Harley states. And after looking over the labels range of pieces, we have to agree that what Harley has brought to life is definitely the comfiest looking clothing, with just the right amount of edgy and sexy that we haven’t seen in a while.

With a wide variety tops, bottoms, outwear, and accessories, SOUTH.ST is truly a one-stop shop for those looking to bring new life into their wardrobes. With a range of designs in flattering cuts and colours for women and just plain cool pieces that will have gents excited to wear matching pastel palettes, it’s no wonder SOUTH.ST has taken over the streetwear market by storm. What truly makes SOUTH.ST a standout is its ground-breaking Gentlewoman Club line. Here, Harley has designed some truly beautiful casual-chic pieces for those more formal occasions. With an assortment of bodysuits, button-down shirts, tailored bottoms and jackets, the range still effortlessly combines the oversized and comfy elements we absolutely love about streetwear. So, whether your 2021 calendar is filled with Zoom meetings, or catching up on missed social events, with SOUTH.ST you can be rest assured you will be doing so feeling confident, stylish, sexy, and, best of all, comfy!

Cartel Label - @cartel.label

Founded in 2019, Cartel Label has fast established itself as the hottest upcoming streetwear brand, completely taking over the Melbourne streetwear scene within their first year of business. “At Cartel, we’re not just another label,” the brand states. “What we’ve created is a culture – a culture for the rebels, the misfits and the baddest babes out there.” With a cult following, their limited pieces are often completely sold out.

From racy swimwear, namesake crop tops to just straight up dope tracksuit sets, all influenced by that rebellious nature Cartel Label has become known for, it’s easy to see why these tantalising pieces are always in demand. It’s not just the girls however that Cartel Label encourages to embrace their unruly side. With a broad range designed for males, Cartel Label is anything but a bad girls only club. With a vast range of oversized tops, comfy bottoms, snapbacks and even socks for the guys, Cartel Label knows exactly how to cater to any rebels without a cause. So why resist it any longer, it’s time to give in to that side of you that’s just a little bit racy and a tiny bit hell-bound, and get your hands on the baddest collection to hit the streets in 2021.

Undrground Clothing - @undrgroundclothing

Who says streetstyle can only come from Big Cities? Created in regional Victoria,

Undrground Clothing is showing Australia, and the rest of the world, that streetwear can be worn by all. Founded by teenager Hudson Kaak, the brand was created to provide wearers with confidence and style. “The Undrground brand is all about aiming to help people take pride in what they wear, whilst feeling comfortable in their clothing ” says Hudson. “We believe that feeling confident in what you wear and having trust in the quality, durability and fit is a massive part in making that happen.” The brand’s style is simple but very effective. Launched in late 2019 with a modest range of tees, Undrground has quickly expanded their collection to include a variety of tanks, jumpers, crews and accessories.

Available online and in select boutiques, the range has amassed quite a following, with new launches quickly selling out. Priding themselves on providing both women and men with high quality, yet affordable clothing, Undrground have found a way to do so whilst staying local. “All our suppliers are Australian based ” says Hudson. “When building the brand, we really wanted to make staying local a priority so we could remain confident in the quality control of our products, as well as ensuring we could put money back into our local economy.” The brand also prioritises eliminating environmental waste, and uses 100% compostable packaging for all of their deliveries. So, with a company focused upon doing so much good, and killer styles to suit anyone, the only question remaining is why don’t you own an Undrground Clothing piece of your own?

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