As much as there is a wave of transformation, demanding no discrimination on the basis or religion, caste, race or region, it seems hard to diminish. In the recent times, we have seen a lot of movements taking shape online to fight discrimination in various fields from gender to religion and race. But the preferences of people looking a certain way do not seem to go just yet. Paladino Casting, a casting agency from New York was recently called out on Twitter for wanting people of Korean/Chinese descent but not having a monolid! Canadian Actor Simu Liu posted a screenshot of the casting preferences, calling out their clear discrimination for people with monolid. The tweet is now going viral. 'Check Your Privilege Challenge' Goes Viral on TikTok; Netizens Bring out the Grim Reality of Discrimination Against the Black Community Using 'Put a Finger Down' Questionaire Amid George Floyd Death Protests. 

In a screenshot posted by Liu, there is a casting call for a 30 to 35-year-old Asian female and boys and Girls upto 3-6 years of Chinese or Korean descent. In both the cases, they mention "Eyes: Although almond-shaped, not too down turned eyes. No monolid." Other than this, they also mention of clean, white and pinky skin with no dots or circles! "Dear Paladino Casting, F**k you. Signed, A Proudly-Monolidded Asian," Liu conveyed the displeasure in his tweet caption. Coronavirus Scare Sparks Racism? Instances of Asians Getting Attacked and Mocked Go Viral on Social Media.

Here's The Tweet:

The tweet is going viral for the very evident discrimination. But some people pointed out it could just be based on the requirement of their client and not the casting agency per se.

Here's How People Reacted:


Entire Post is Sick

Non-Monolids Are Considered Superior

Demands of the Clients

Wants of the Market

Completely Racist

What's With Dots and Circles

For those who were unaware of what is a monolid, it is an eyelid shape that doesn't have a crease. On the contrary, an eye that does have a crease is known as a double eyelid. Monolids are a typical facial feature of East Asian people. The fold or crease is called epicanthic fold, which is on the upper eyelid that makes it appear that there's no visible crease line below your brow area. The problem with this demand is that they want an East Asian person, but not the typical feature of the eye. It is a case of blatant racial discrimination.

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