Pavitra Punia is one of the contestants on Bigg Boss 14. Pavitra has starred in hit TV shows like Daayan, Naagin 3Baalveer ReturnsKavach... Kaali Shaktiyon Se to name a few. She has over 489k followers on Instagram, which are only increasing after her entry on the show. She began her career, years ago, with the reality show Splitsvilla 3. But, the actress says her experience won't come in handy with the new reality show. Pavitra Punia in Bigg Boss 14: Age, Career, Controversies and More – Check Profile of BB14 Contestant on Salman Khan’s Reality TV Show.

In an exclusive chat with LatestLY, Pavitra talked about if she's open to finding love on the show and what her strategy to survive will be. She said that she loves doing household chores. "I will be the kaam wali baai of the house," she chuckled. Read the full interview below. Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya Quashes Rumours of Dating Disha Parmar, Says ‘She Is Just a Good Friend’.

What are your thoughts right before entering the Bigg Boss house? Anxious? Having any pre-event jitters?

No, no. I am completely blank, Rajat, right now. I am not feeling anxious. I am not feeling nervous. I don't even have butterflies in the stomach. Nothing. I am blank. I don't know what's happening with me.

You are returning to the reality show scene after a long time. I remember you on season 3 of Splitsvilla. Do you think your experience will come in handy? Or do you think reality shows have evolved and you will also have to change accordingly? 

Not at all. According to me, any reality show you take, their concept, the format is different. Bigg Boss is completely different than what I did in the past on reality shows. I don't think my past experience is going to help me out. You cannot rely on past experience.

The show is taking place amid a global pandemic. Are you concerned about safety?

Colors is not a small channel. All safety precautions are being taken care of, I am sure. There are many restrictions. There are many guidelines that the contestants will have to follow. Back of the mind, there is something that you'd have to touch others during a task. You are not sure about the immune system of other people. So, that is a concern at the back of my mind.

What's your endgame? Rimi Sen entered because she wanted to be a director. Shilpa Shinde wanted to connect with her audience after a break. What is driving you to enter Bigg Boss?

I am a woman full of thoughts and ideas. When you portray a certain character on screen, you don't get a chance to put out your opinion and thoughts. Bigg Boss gives you that opportunity to put forth your thoughts.

Secondly, I don't want to say I want to connect with my audience. I would want to see my limits. I want to test myself. Whether I will lose my patience. Will I take shit from people? I want to test myself and see my extremes. I want to see how much control, I have. That's for me. Not for anyone else.

What is the one thing we will not see you do inside the house? As you said you are temperamental. Where do you draw the line? What will you not do and not let happen to you?

It depends on how the person is behaving with. If they are being lovely, then I am a lovely girl. I will give you my life, if asked with love. But, when it comes to a point where you poke me, I have no idea how I will react. The reaction is 1000% harsh, for sure.

Sometimes, my words hurt. I won't character assassinate for sure. In the most extreme case, you'd see me hit someone.

Are you open to finding love on the show?

Love has created enough controversies for me. I don't want to find love in the house. I won't be able to trust anyone inside the house. Everyone will be playing a game. What if after coming out of the house, the person says they were only playing a game, then you are screwed. There, everyone is trying to hog on to someone so that they can go till the end. I don't believe in that.

But, again, it is all up to God. Let us see what happens.

So, that strategy is out of the window. So, people have different strategies on the show. Some take hold of the kitchen, like Shilpa Shinde. Vikas Gupta was the mastermind. What will be your strength if not love. 

I will take hold of every corner of the house. I love doing household chores. I enjoy it. I can wash anyone's utensils. Pocha laga sakti hoon. Toilet saaf kar sakti hun. Mujhe bas safai chahie. Aapse nahi ho raha, to main kar dungi. But main taane bhi marti hun. Maine to kar liya kaam but tumhara bhi banta hai karna. You will see a few things which I can't say right now. Main koi vishesh kona nahi pakdungi, but I will be the kaam wali baai of the house.



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