Bigg Boss Marathi: Salman Khan Must Teach These 5 Lessons To Friend Mahesh Manjrekar To Improve His Hosting Skills!
Learn a lesson or two: Mahesh Manjrekar and Salman Khan (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Mahesh Manjrekar is no Salman Khan. He doesn't need to be. While Salman is the ultimate host of Bigg Boss (Hindi) with his unmatched style, incredible swagger and never-ending charm (add that his fear-worthy Bhai persona), Mahesh Mnajrekar, who is hosting the ongoing Bigg Boss Marathi, is known for his calming personality, his warmth and his tall presence (quite literally  indeed given his stature in Marathi film industry). But honestly speaking, we prefer Salman to Mahesh Manjrekar, any day, as Bigg Boss host.

It's a known fact that Salman Khan and Mahesh Manjrekar are friends. From working on projects together to Salmanfrequenting Manjrekar's house to dine with him ...well stories are many to tell about Bhai's friendly equation with Manjrekar. We must also add that Manjrekar must sharpen his hosting skills with the able support from Salman. Here are 5 key lessons he can learn from Bollywood's megastar.

#Lesson 1.  Get the Dabangg attitude: Salman is known for his swag. Bhai slips into the absolute Dabangg mode and attacks if anyone has committed mistakes with style. Salman knows how to use his Dabangg persona to outwit even that contestant who tries to be isshhmart with him!

#Leson 2. Give an earful even to your favourite contestants: We all have our favourites. Bigg Boss hosts are not exception to this rule. Even Salman tilted towards Shilpa Shinde, Elli Avraam, Karisma Tanna and Arshi Khan. Mahesh Mnajrekar likes Resham Tipnis and Sai Lokur. But unlike Sallu Bhai who would scold even his favourite contestants, Mahesh Mnajrekar fails to sharpen his claws and the much-required bite.

#Lesson 3. Inject the much-needed fear with dignity: Mahesh Mnarekar's stature both as a filmmaker and an actor is incredible in Marathi film industry. So he must command the respect and dignity from everybody. You could be friends with a certain Resham Tipnis or XYZ, but she should not take the liberty to treat you as a friend. Every time she calls you Maheshhhh, we laugh our ass out. Even Salman Khan, has been addressed by his first name by some gals, but he knows how to keep his the proverbial hat of the host intact.

#Lesson 4. Be friendly but don't become friends with fellow inmates: Being friends and being friendly are two different things. Manjrekar refuses to be friends with anybody for he fears that his friendly attitude may come across as being over friendly. Also, he does not do his research and homework as thorough as Bhai does, or so do BBM fans claim. Manjrekar's homework is intense about those he hates the most.

#Lesson 5. Laugh, dance and be an absolute joker to withdraw the best from the inmates: Mahesh Manjrekar can't do all that, as Sallu miyaan is at ease with everything mentioned above, but he can certainly bring more humour to his hosting skills in order to avoid being seen as a school headmaster.

We are confident that you, Bigg Boss Marathi Fans, will agree with us on many counts. You can also add more lessons that Mahesh Mnajrekar must learn, and learn quick, from Sallu Bhai to keep the show entertaining not just in this BBM season but many more to come.