Gauhar Khan Lashes Out at Kangana Ranaut, Says ‘#MeToo Is for Real Women’ and Calls Her ‘Feminist of Convenience’
Guahar Khan calls Kangana Ranaut, ‘Feminist of Convenience’. (Photo Credit: File Image)

After an ex-employee of now dissolved Phantom Films accused one of the founders Vikas Bahl, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who never minces her words, not only came out in support of the accuser but also shared own #MeToo story, that took place during the shoot of the film, Queen. Sharing her story, the actress mentioned Bahl would hug her inappropriately and tell her that she smells good and so on. However, Bahl’s ex-wife, Richa Dubey slammed her allegations. #MeToo Movement: Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out at Karan Johar Over His Silence on the Issue – Deets Inside

At first, Richa questioned the double-standards shown by the actress as she still maintains a steady friendship with the filmmaker, despite the alleged misconduct. She took to the micro-blogging site to share a open letter and wrote on Twitter, "This is gone beyond tolerance now ! Do not misuse #metoo #fairchance #vikasbahl"

Check Out the Tweet Here:

Kangana, who is known to give it back, too replied to Richa's open letter and said, "Another ex-wife for her ex-husband’s rescue, my only question is why do they leave their holier than thou husbands in the first place, stop this bull shit that we had a friendly divorce perfectly amicable and we are a family, you don’t wake up one fine morning and divorce a godly man, so please help us secure our work environment and make sure these men don’t spoil more lives."

After Richa, now Bigg Boss fame Gauhar Khan lashed out at the Manikarnika actress. Slamming Kangana's allegations, Guahar took to the micro-blogging site to share a snippet from the statement released by Bahl's ex-wife and wrote, "This is for the Real women, not for the #feministOfConvenience #KanganaRanaut #word".

Here's Guahar Khan's Tweet:

Well, Kangana Ranaut is yet to react to Gauhar Khan's statement.

The #MeToo campaign started after a former actress accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Please in 2008. The latter, however, has denied any such incident. Watch this space for further updates.