Helicopter Eela Quick Movie Review: Kajol and Riddhi Sen's Film Has Some Feel-Good Moments
Kajol, Riddhi Sen and Neha Dhupia in Helicopter Eela. (Photo Credits: Youtube Stills)

Kajol returns to Bollywood cinema after a gap of three years with this week's release, Helicopter Eela. While many of her leading men are still romancing girls half their ages (hubby included), Kajol has no qualms playing mother to a teenage boy in the film. National award winning Bengali actor Riddhi Sen plays her son in the film, that's directed by Parineeta fame Pradeep Sarkar. Helicopter Eela Song Dooba Dooba: Kajol, Riddhi Sen and Tota Roy Chowdhary's Lilting Ditty is About Living in Beautiful Memories - Watch Video

We are watching Helicopter Eela right now and here's what we have to say about the first half -

"The movie begins with Eela joining a college in Mumbai and in the same class as her disgruntled son, who is clearly not happy with his mother present in his classroom. Helicopter Eela then takes back to the '90s and tells us why Eela joins a college so late, what happened to her promising music career, why her husband is missing from her life and why she is so possessive about her son.

Most of the movie's first half is dominated by flashback scenes. The '90s scenes have some interesting cameos from icons of indipop scene. But these scenes don't feel very effective and the cameos feel shoehorned in the narrative. Helicopter Eela is better when the movie focuses on the mother and son relationship. By the time the interval point arrivee, it takes back to the first scene and it's here where hopefully the film begins."