We millenials are kind of stuck in a social media rut. Our generation is half dipped in Bollywood fantasies and half burning into the scorching reality. Nevertheless, we have somehow managed to strike a balance between both. As it is THE wedding season of the year, most of the gen (read x,y,z) is already invested in this month, thanks to the crazy amount of invitations being showered on them! Now, be it someone else's wedding or your own, the most common factor here is 'expectations.' And for us desis, most of it stems from our own sweet, delusional, Bollywood world! 6 Things You Experience When Everyone Around You is Getting Married and How to Deal With Them.

The Indian filmmakers sort of made a vow to make the weddings the dreamiest part of the films. Although times are changing and more wedding sequences are shot in more realistic ways, the aam junta heart always sets out to search for that perfectly curated on-screen wedding. Imagining oneself into the Dharma like extravagant mandap and Sabyasachi like outfits is the common trait found in most of the middle class or upper-middle-class generation. After all, it's a human nature to dream and chase something that is almost impossible to have!

When it comes to weddings, we have made peace with the fact that we ain't no getting Bollywoodish shaadi in this life. And this very fact makes us cherish the classic, oh-so-perfect. dream-like weddings shown in films. Should we blame them? Nah! After all, they are the ones that teleport us into the world of imagination for a bit. But only if we could make peace with the fact that these perfectly shot wedding sequences are like our own personal rabbit hole to the place we only go mentally and cannot go physically. Here are some examples of the beautiful, pretty-looking wedding sequences/songs that are not just too good to mimic but also too good to not want to mimic!

Sea Facing Temple and Sorted Lives (2 States)

Wedding in the Your Own Frontyard (English Vinglish)

Low-Key Registered Marriage on a LIT Terrace With Some Champagne Popping! (Ok Jaanu)

That Cute White Wedding (Mary Kom)

The Ultimate Destination Wedding in Udaipur's Royal Property (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Nikaah In a Raees Way! (Raees)

Well, that was that. Back to reality. Back to the place where we have a list of relatives to approach, vendors to run behind, friends to chase to invite. Expecting a Bollywood inspired wedding like the above ones is no biggie but it's fun to be the clumsy heroine to your flawed hero in your own crooked but cute movie, no?

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