Sara Ali Khan to star in Cocktail 2? Here're 5 Things We Hope The Sequel Will Avoid

Cocktail that released in 2012, did rather well at the box office. Now a sequel is apparently in the making with Sara Ali Khan stepping into Deepika Padukone's shoes, as per Pinkvilla. Although those are big shoes to fill, the young actress seems apt for a revamp of the film.

But we have certain concerns. Cocktail may have made copious amounts of money at the box office but it has some issues in terms of its plotline. So if the film is truly getting a sequel or a second film in the franchise, we would like to highlight certain things that we don't want in the second film which plagued the original. Sara Ali Khan On Coolie No 1 Team Going Plastic-Free: Little Drops Make The Mighty Ocean

Avoid Meera Over Veronica Choices

Women are still finding it difficult to assert the fundamental choice to wear what they want even today. In such a scenario, showing a party-loving carefree, casual sex lover as an unworthy choice over a dedicated, devout and meek Meera is simply wrong at many levels. Veronica loved how she lived. So, even if the hero chooses the docile dame over the confident siren in the sequel, it shouldn't be because of her lifestyle. That scene where Veronica or Deepika tries to emulate Meera or Diana Penty to be 'eligible' to marry him as per his mom's standards...that's heartbreaking. Hopefully, the sequel will respect their choices.

Better Ending

The ending of Cocktail was seriously underwhelming. Veronica was supremely unhappy with her best friend and her man falling for each other. But all of a sudden, she decides to be on their side. We all love a happy ending but it would have been more poignant and effective had Veronica decided never to forgive them. So in the sequel, we hope Sara as Veronica would be rigid enough to not forgive them. It's a strong character, let it be so till the end. Not all endings need to be happy.

No Slut-Shaming, Please

Veronica played by Deepika Padukone, loved to wear whatever she wanted to. In fact, one of the most important aspects of Cocktail was Deepika's clothes and the way she carried herself. Dimple Kapadia's character judged her at every instance for her clothes. We hope Veronica won't be rejected by the hero's mother because of her clothes, this time around. You see, this is 2019!

Better Co-Leads

Veronica was the only good character in the original film with a graph and dignity and Deepika did a fab job. Sara will have to do a lot more than just look good in gorgeous clothes and we hope she has better co-actors to assist her here. Her father Saif Ali Khan in Cocktail looked completely out-of-place. He tried really hard to be this young, non-committal kinds which he had a flair for. But in Cocktail, it seemed forced and an extension of what he did in Salaam Namaste and scores of other films. Diana Penty debuted with this film as Meera which is the exact opposite of Veronica. Fortunately, the character hardly had much to do except for being exasperated, sad and forlorn. Hopefully, the sequel will have more merit for Meera.

Keep It Short

Even if Cocktail 2 turns out to be as cliched as the original, we hope it keeps the ordeal short. The original tested our patience because the proceedings on the screen were far from exciting.

To sum up, if Cocktail 2 gets made, we hope it will give more credit to the man. As per the original, men like to Test Drive with Veronica but always drive Meera home to his mother (in the words of legendary Veronica).