The Vaccine War Movie Review: With some really exceptional actors including but most certainly not limited to Nana Patekar, Pallavi Joshi and Raima Sen at his disposal, director Vivek Agnihotri weaves a story that is part compelling, part lengthy, and part pressing. Unlike his previous outing The Kashmir Files, this film is more layered, better written, and finely executed. Based on Dr Balram Bhargava's book titled Going Viral, this 160 minutes watch banks heavily on the thoroughly researched story and the nuances screenplay that narrates India's quest to produce her own indigenous vaccine in a record seven months even if the naysayers insist on importing the vaccine from the west. The Vaccine War Actor Nana Patekar Declined Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hollywood Film for This Reason.

Agnihotri mounts his film that has a credible scale and realistic approach. He convincingly shows the need for our own vaccine and how the government overcame all odds to make the vaccine. He shows theories and their counters in what can be described as a compelling watch. But at 160 minutes, The Vaccine War tests your patience especially with the first half where the makers invest their efforts in building the elements to showcase the proverbial need of the hour. Agnihotri strikes a fine balance between the technical aspects of making the vaccine and employs the proverbial cinematic experience to narrate a tale that will make the audience think and question.

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The centrepiece of the story is Dr Bhargva played by Nana Patekar who shows once again why he continues to be the powerhouse of exceptional talents. He breathes fire and infuses urgency in the role crafted masterfully for him. Pallavi Joshi whose character takes on the challenge of delivering the vaccine, braving the fury coming from her top bosses without letting her team know what she is going through all the while shielding her unit, thereby allowing the team what they can do best. Vivek Agnihotri Comes Out in Support of ‘Real Life Star’ Priyanka Chopra for Standing Against the ‘Bullies of Bollywood’

And then you have Raima Sen playing a journalist who is adamant on weaving a false narrative, hell-bent on portraying the atmanirbhar Bharat theme as just the propaganda used to play to the gallery. Sen hits the top-notch chords with her character but comes across like a caricature in certain parts. The screenplay of the film finely reflects the tug of war between the major characters even as those who choose to work tirelessly and unconditionally to deliver what the situation demands in brilliantly portrayed.

The Vaccine War rouses enough patriotism without getting into the proverbial chest-thumping mood. The film focuses on the all-women team going all out for the people, without touching upon sexism or resorting to the undertones of equality, which is refreshing to watch. What is not exactly heartening is the one-dimensional negative portrayal of the media which seems to be Agnihotri's favourite zone to operate in. The film could have explored some grey areas of the profession to make the narration more realistic. Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri Commenting On The Poor Box-Office Performance In The Last Quarter (Read Tweet)

What slows down the impact of the otherwise finely crafted film is the lack of crispness. The editing could have been sharper and some chunks could have easily been edited out without diluting the significance of the tale. The story relies heavily on the performances. Some significant sequences are beautifully carried thanks to the dependable shoulders of the veterans such as Anupam Kher and Girija Oak injecting both sensitivity and urgency into the situations.

Final Word

All in all, The Vaccine War is a story of courage and conviction that leads to major victories that eventually favours the government at the expense of the media. It's an important film to watch even if it tests your patience with its length.


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