This Video of ‘Gully Boy’ Ranveer Singh Asking Fans to Disturb Hospital Peace and Insulting Mumbai Police Is Going Viral!
Ranveer Singh's Controversial Video (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Okay, Ranveer Singh, we really like you! But can you dial down your enthusiasm a bit? The young superstar is known for his attention-grabbing offscreen antics and weird dressing style. Now with the super-successes of both Padmaavat and Simmba has only increased the buoyancy in Ranveer. With Gully Boy, the actor is all set to play a rapper from Mumbai and Ranveer has already got a lot of appreciation from the trailers itself. Something that has already added fuel to the inherent crazy fire in him that is kind of making him reckless! Ranveer Singh Bomb Explodes Unannounced on Crowd, Invites Twitterati Rage.

Recently a video is going viral on social media featuring Ranveer Singh that shows the irresponsible side of the actor. It was taken at an event to promote Gully Boy in Mumbai. In the video, Ranveer Singh, in his trademark OTT dressing style, is seen standing on a ramp and addressing the fans around him through rapping. He is heard saying, "Bagal mein apna JJ hospital haina, saala aaj raat itna awaaz karo k wahan k sab murde jaag jaye. Bole toh police aani mangti hai idhar, lekin fikar nahi karne ka tumhare bhai ka abhi word hai police mein bole apun bhi simmba hai baba." (Right next to us is JJ hospital, make so much noise that even the dead wake up. Don't worry if the police come here, I'm Simmba.)

Watch the video here:

Not only is Ranveer Singh asking the fans to disturb the peace needed for the patients admitted in the JJ hospital, but also insulting the police by claiming that they are in awe of his character in Simmba. Does he not realise that by playing a cop on screen doesn't acquit himself of being so irresponsible? Ranveer Singh Reveals How he Becomes the Gully Boy of His Gully - Watch Video.

Earlier, Ranveer had another stunt gone wrong when he suddenly jumped onto a group of fans from the stage, leaving a few injured. Ranveer had later apologised for this.