Fred and George Birthday: 5 Pranks By the Weasley Twins in Harry Potter Saga That Perfectly Capture the Spirit Of April Fool's Day
Fred and George Weasley Birthday (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you're a fan of J K Rowling's Harry Potter books, there's a good chance that every time you have you have let out a chuckle whilst reading it would have been thanks to Fred and George Weasley. The mischievous twins pulled some of the funniest pranks in the books and few also made it to the movies. You have to admit that among the Weasley siblings, they were certainly the sweetest when it came to making the tens atmosphere lighter. According to the HP books, the Weasley twins celebrate their birthday on April 1 and given that this day is celebrated as April Fool's Day, one has to say what fitting characters Rowling came up with. No April Fools' Day Rumors! Delhi Police Cybercrime Tweets Harry Potter Reference to Warn Netizens Against Spreading Fake News in Guise of Pranks.

On-screen, Fred and George's characters were played by actors James and Oliver Phelps. Although, many will agree that the cinematic representation of Fred and George was much less fun compared to the books. Nonetheless, we got a great glimpse of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and it's innovative products. From Extendable Ears to Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder, we did get a glimpse of their amazing inventions in films. What's an April Fool's day without a few pranks and what are pranks without Fred and George? Hence to celebrate their birthday, we look at some of their best pranks from books and films.

Entering the Tri-Wizard Tournament

Fred and George sure believed that they had a fix for everything. In the fourth book, Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire, despite being underage for the tournament, the duo decide to find a hack to enter it. To trick everyone and enter the tournament, the duo takes the ageing potion, only to get thrown out of the Goblet's enchantment with long white beards. Sure, that's a prank gone wrong but worth a try, eh?

Fred and George Tri-Wizerd
Fred and George Tri-Wizard Tournament (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Portable Swamp and Fireworks

While Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix did show Fred and George making a grand exit out of the Umbridge led Hogwarts, they missed out on showing one of the Weasley twins' best pranks. Having been taken off the Quidditch team and fed-up of Dolores Umbridge's unfair ways, after the twins decide to pursue a future outside of the school, they make Umbridge's life hell in Hogwarts in their final few moments at the school and one of them is setting up a portable swamp in the corridor near her office. For the initiated, this product when activated, floods the area with grim. So you can imagine how bad that was! Of course, we loved their grand fireworks exit in the movie too.

Fred and George's Pranks
Fred and George's Pranks (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Inventions from Puking Pastilles to Fever Fudge

There's no dearth of creativity in Fred and George's inventions and hence there's anything and everything available that can make you too sick for classes. The puking pastilles are certainly a bit more popular with a self-explanatory result. Others include Fever fudge to give yourself a temperature, fainting fancies so you can faint on the spot, nosebleed nougat to have instant nosebleeds.

Fred and George's inventions
Fred and George's inventions (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Classic Twin Stuff

If all else fails, Fred and George also had the classic twin stuff to pull pranks and especially irritate their mom Molly Weasley. The duo would often exchange their names to get her all confused. If that was any less, after being allowed to apparate outside Hogwarts, the duo would keep startling their mother.

 James and Oliver Phelps in Harry Potter
James and Oliver Phelps in Harry Potter (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Professor Quirrell and the Snowballs

Another one of Fred and George's pranks that did not make it to the movies was the one where they unknowing belted out snowballs at the dark lord, Voldemort himself. Confused? Well, in The Sorcerer's Stone, Voldemort has party inhabited Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Quirrell's body who often wears a headgear protecting the back of his head that is Voldemort's face. In the first book, the twins bewitch snowballs that keep bouncing off the back of Quirrell's head which indirectly hit Voldemort. Quarantine Binge: Star Wars, The Godfather, Indiana Jones - 7 Franchise Movie Marathons You Can Stream While You Sit Indoors Amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

We owe a lot of the funniest moments in the books and films to Fred and George. Let's not forget one of their greatest acts was also to seize the Marauder's Map while in detention. If not for that, who knows what encounters Harry Potter would have had to face without any knowledge. Here's hoping you find a smile amid these crazy, depressing coronavirus times by remembering these little tricks of the Weasley twins.