Brad Pitt Worried That Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie Will Release Their X-Rated Videos?
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A new set of bizarre rumours have popped up to make Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie more uncomfortable. As per a tabloid report, Brad Pitt is concerned that his estranged wife might share some of their x-rated homemade videos from when they were married. Although it has been reported by Gossip Cop that the report is phoney and cannot be true, the details are surely too personal and probably fruit of someone's imagination. Angelina Jolie on Her Split with Brad Pitt after 12 Years of Relationship: ‘I Have Both Visible and Invisible Scars to Show for It’

The report on National Enquirer states that the estranged couple had filmed “shocking home movies” during their heydays together. This was the time when they were together and happy. The insider quoted to the magazine, “Angie and Brad regularly had wild parties, and things got pretty kinky. Nothing was off-limits.” The supposed tipster goes on to say that some of the props used in their “erotic action flicks” included “whips, chains, leather, hot wax, gags – you name it.” 55-Year-Old Brad Pitt Brings His A-Game To GQ Magazine's Photoshoot With A Smouldering Slick Hairdo - View Pics

Details spewed by the supposed source continues, “They would have sessions in a private jet. Brad even hinted at wild lovemaking in the cockpit of Angie’s plane while it was on autopilot. There wasn’t anything Angie wouldn’t try, and Brad always went along.” However, with this, the source has added that now Pitt is worried about the outcome of the tapes if leaked. The magazine suggests that while Pitt has “lost track of the titillating tapes,” he believes that Jolie still has them and “will make them public to cast a negative light on him.”

It seems like the distasteful rumour is simply to irk either of the stars. No concrete evidence has been shared by the publication. Also, it seems unlikely that Pitt would think like this considering how Jolie would never want their kids to come across such content in any way, whatsoever.