Christian Bale is a man of many faces. Having played many characters throughout his long career, Bale is known to go to extreme lengths to give his performances all he can. From losing a lot of weight to maintaining an America accent up until the film releases, Bale knows how to create an immersive experience. However, out of all the roles he has played to this date, his run as the Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy still remains iconic for many fans. Robert Pattinson Birthday Special: From the Batmobile Chase to Escaping the GCPD, 5 of the Actor’s Best Moments as Batman.

Bale took over the role of Batman when the franchise was extremely dormant, and teaming up with Nolan, he helped revitalise this character in a way that has become many fans’ public perception of what the character should be portrayed like. So, with Christian Bale turning 49, lets take a look at seven of his best scenes as Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Back in the Game (The Dark Knight Rises)

After being gone for eight years, Batman made his huge return in The Dark Knight Rises in a way that paid homage to the comic book storytelling of The Dark Knight Returns. Hot on the tale of Bane, Bale’s Batman returns over here in an almost mythical fashion that makes for one of the best scenes in the film.

Final Stand Against Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)

After getting his butt whooped in their first fight, Bruce returns to Gotham to stop Bane and save Gotham from his terror. A fight that sees him overcome his biggest challenge yet, Batman puts on a clinic over here that ends with a great payoff.

I am Batman (Batman Begins)

The power this scene holds considering before Bale we had George Clooney, Batman Begins really knocked it out of the park. Investigating Carmine Falcone’s shipment of drugs and taking out his goons one-by-one from the shadows, he finally goes for the crime boss and reveals himself to be the Batman in this exhilarating scene.

The Chase (The Dark Knight)

One of the best action scenes of Nolan’s career and perhaps the best scene in the trilogy, The Dark Knight featured a chase sequence that blew off the roof off theatres back in 2008. From the Joker trying to take out the cops, with the Batmobile getting destroyed and turning into the Batpod, to Batman flipping Joker’s truck, it’s a breathtaking sequence. Christopher Nolan Birthday Special: From The Dark Knight’s Car Chase to Interstellar’s Docking Sequence, 8 Visually Enthralling Sequences Directed By the Famed Filmmaker!

It’s Not Who I am Underneath (Batman Begins)

Saving Rachel from every goon psyched up on Scarecrow’s toxin in Gotham, Bruce perches up and is ready to stop Ra’s al Ghul at any given cost. Not knowing that he may survive this or no, Rachel asks him who he is to which he replies “it’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” and leaps off to Rachel getting the hint that Batman is Bruce. A brilliantly written sequence that pays off an earlier sequence from the film, the quote just encapsulates who Batman is as a character.

Ending (The Dark Knight)

Knowing that he has killed Harvey Dent and that the Joker has won in making him cross the line he never wished to cross, Batman takes up all the credit for Harvey’s crimes because he doesn’t want Gotham to lose hope. An ending that hits hard and sees the hero make such a difficult decision; The Dark Knight has the most impactful ending for any comic book film.

Rise (The Dark Knight Rises)

Being stuck in the pit for months while he has the front row seat to Gotham’s demise, The Dark Knight rises packs in one of the most inspiring Batman scenes you’ll ever see. Making his way to the top of the pit and making the jump without the rope while Hans Zimmer’s score blares in the background, this is an all-timer.

Joker Interrogation (The Dark Knight)

Finally having an one-on-one with the Joker in this brilliantly written and directed scene, Bale and Ledger give it their all over here. With Joker constantly egging Batman while he tries to get information about the whereabouts of Harvey Dent and Rachel, this scene is brutal and tense with some of the best performances you’ll ever see these actors put on. Christian Bale Reveals He Would Only Return as Batman If Christopher Nolan Asks Him To.

While the role of Batman has been played by many since Bale’s reign ended, he will still always have a soft spot in our hearts. With this, we finish off the list and wish Christian Bale a very happy birthday.

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