Kevin Smith is arguably one of the biggest geeks in Hollywood. Kevin Smith’s love for comics and pop culture is showcased on and off screen. Smith’s characters have showcased major love for these larger than life characters and you can see where he gets his inspirations from. Smith’s love for pop culture is infectious and is what has defined his career up till now. Masters of the Universe Revelation Review: Kevin Smith’s New Animated Series Has the Power of Grayskull in Full Force! 

Whether it be him hosting his podcast or making us laugh with his film Clerks, Smith has entertained us in many ways. So to celebrate his 51st birthday, we are taking a look at five of his best films ranked according to IMDb.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (6.8)

Jay and Silent Bob are those duos where you can just have dumb fun watching them, and that’s exactly what the movie provides. It’s a fun romp and sees the duo wanting to become big in Hollywood after their comic is chosen to become a film. It has a bunch of meta references that you will get if you are a fan of Smith’s, and its fun all around.

Chasing Amy (7.2)

Chasing Amy is one of the special films that feature Kevin’s storytelling at its best. Chasing Amy features Ben Affleck who plays the comic-book artist Holden McNeil. Holden falls in love with a girl named Amy only to find out that she is a lesbian. It’s a great watch with a great ending, and you should definitely check it out.

Clerks II (7.3)

Like the predecessor, Clerks II is a solid watch, only way raunchier and ahem... controversial. Released 12 years after the original, it feels like a love letter to fans of the first film. It shows how these characters have matured with Smith himself, and that’s one attribute that you will find in a lot of his projects. Captain Marvel: The Stan Lee Cameo in Brie Larson’s Superhero Film Is Very SPECIAL for This Meta Reason!

Dogma (7.3)

Starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in its ensemble cast, Dogma is Smith’s fourth feature and arguably his most ambitious. While the subject matter of the film is heavy, Smith never really tips into being too offensive and maintains a fine balance while being poignant.

Clerks (7.7)

Clerks put Smith on the map as a filmmaker to be on the lookout for. Arguably his best film, Clerks is Smith’s first feature. It follows Dante and Randall who manage a convenient store. It’s funny, entertaining and filled with memorable lines. And yeah, it also gave us Jay and Silent Bob!

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