Margot Robbie has entered her 30s today. The actress is celebrating her birthday today as one of the most sought-out actresses in Hollywood. She will soon be headlining a female take on Pirates of the Caribbean. She is one of the few actors who get to immortality a character. Before we see her in, possibly, a Jack Sparrow-ish character, she breathed life into DC's anti-heroine Harley Quinn. The actress made the character as globally popular as Joker with her brilliant take. She has played Harley Quinn in two movies so far - Suicide Squad and Birds Of Prey. She is set to reprise the role in the upcoming soft reboot/sequel of Suicide Squad. Birds of Prey Actor Shows How To Cook Harley Quinn's Egg Sandwich Recipe (Watch Video).

Margot Robbie has often said that she has fallen in love with Harley Quinn. She has researched a lot to play the character  - from devouring the comic books to watching TED Talks for understanding mental illnesses. "Harley has this unpredictable nature that means she could react in any way to any situation, which as an actor is just a gift," the actress has said. Birds of Prey Director Cathy Yan Believes Margot Robbie Is an Extremely Committed Actor, Says ‘In Many People’s Mind, Harley Quinn Is Margot’.

In fact, it was Margot who pushed for Birds of Prey movie. British screenwriter Hodson has said, "[Margot] really wanted to see Harley with girlfriends, Harley in a girl gang. Harley is such a naturally sociable character. And I think there was just a general longing to see girls together on screen — women being friends."

Here Are Our Favourite Moments of Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

This Warehouse Fight Scene

Her Love For Egg Sandwich

Harley's Intro In Suicide Squad

Harley Takes Off Joker's Choker

And These Awesome Moments

Margot Robbie was certainly the best thing about Suicide Squad.

And, Margot did not quite understand Harley in the beginning. "I just didn’t understand how she could be such a badass and then fall to pieces over some guy. I found that really frustrating," the actress said in an interview. "Fans seem to really love that about her, that she has this complete devotion to a guy that treats her badly."

Then the actress was suggested by her acting coach to read a play called Fool for Love. She began to research co-dependence. "Once I could view it in those terms, it suddenly made sense, and I suddenly had so much empathy for Harley and after that it was all very straightforward," Robbie said. "It was fun after all that."

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