Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas Reveal Juicy Details About Joe Jonas' Wild Bachelor Party That Had the Cops Calling on Them
Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas (Photo Credits: Facebook)

The Jonas Brothers including Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas recently appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about their new album, Happiness Begins. As tradition goes by on the Jimmy Fallon Show, there had to be some fun and games and the boys played a game called “Know Your Bro". During the game, Fallon would ask a question about one of the brothers while they wore noise-cancelling headphones, and the other two brothers had to answer. Later, the Jonas brother who was asked to put on the headphones would try to guess how his brothers answered the question. Jonas Brothers Launch Comeback Music Album 'Happiness Begins'.

The fun game sure had the Jonas Brothers giving out some juicy details from Joe Jonas' wild bachelor party in Ibiza. Joe is all set to marry actress Sophie Turner once again, this time with family and friends after having a Las Vegas wedding last month.

The details started to come out when Fallon asked the “wildest thing that happened at Joe’s bachelor party” was. This left Kevin and Nick in splits and soon Nick replied saying, “Where do we start? We had the cops, on the first night, called on us three times,” Nick revealed, to which Kevin added, “In Ibiza, that shouldn’t happen.”

Check out the video of Jonas Brothers on Jimmy Fallon show here:

Not just this, a few more deets about the party were busted when Nick added, “He took the cardboard box for 1942, the tequila and somehow cut it to a bandana so it just said 1942 across his forehead, and he wore that on a boat all day long.” Joe laughingly admitted to all the details that Nick and Kevin gave out about his bachelor party and even said, "I’m trying to see if I remember anything." Miley Cyrus Stuns the Jonas Brothers on Asking Did It Feel Good to Take Off Your Purity Rings?

Ahead of their second wedding, Sophie Turner too is currently enjoying her bachelorette in Europe. She is accompanied by her Game Of Thrones co-star Maisie Willaims.