Sairat Filmmaker Nagraj Manjule’s Ex- Wife Sunita: He Made Me Go for Abortions, and Whenever I Raised My Voice for Keeping the Child, He Thrashed Me
Nagraj Manjule and his ex wife Sunita (Photo Credit: YouTube)

It is quite appalling to know how women are being treated in our country. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Nagraj Manjule's ex- wife Sunita has now hurled accusations at the Sairat director for several reasons. To begin with, Sunita revealed how after marrying Nagraj, as the eldest daughter-in-law, she was expected to take care of the entire family. While he was studying in the city, aspiring to become a big name in the industry some day, his wife was in the village, slogging off. In an interview with Quint, she said, "There were problems in our marriage but I overlooked them because I was devoted to my husband, and because of that, to his family. That’s all every Indian woman does, right?" Navneet Nishan Opens Up About Alok Nath, Tara Actress Says She Dealt With Harassment for Four Years.

She further revealed shocking details of an instance when once his family locked her in the room and left the house. It so happened that when Nagaraj's short film Pistulya was honored at the National Film Awards, his entire family went to Delhi for the award ceremony. But Sunita was locked inside her house by them. She also revealed how the Sairat filmmaker bring his friends to their house and she would cook and serve for them. But he never acknowledged her for all the good deeds she did for him. Their marriage eventually ended but Sunita wished to stay with Nagraj and his family despite all this. But her plea fell onto deaf ears. They got divorced in 2014 with Sunita getting only Rs 7 lakhs.

In the interview Sunita made yet another startling revelation when she revealed how she wished to have a child but Nagraj would scold her on the same matter stating that his filmy dreams would be bogged down by familial ties. "This is why he made me go for 2-3 abortions, and whenever I raised my voice for keeping the child, he thrashed me, with his bare hands, leather belt and sometimes, a log of wood."

You'd be shocked to know that while Nagraj is a celebrated name in the industry, his ex- wife Sunita lives with her parents and works as a maid in different households. Her story is unbelievable and disturbing on so many levels. We don't quite know how to even react to this. All that we can say is we hope, Sunita gets justice and due respect for holding up so strong.