While it is difficult to make people laugh, this Iranian woman is famous for her funny videos with different subjects.

While you watch them, you can't stop laughing, and that is what made her the first one mentioned by people when you ask them about the best Iranian comedian.

Serna has over 60 funny videos on her Instagram account. In each of them, you find new ideas, so you can watch them all and not get tired at all.

Serna always comes up with new funny ideas to keep her fans satisfied and happy at the same time.

Her sense of humor attracted 3.3 million followers and 50k subscribers on YouTube in one year and made her a popular woman among Iranian. People may watch her videos a lot and laugh like it is the first time watching them.

This 28-year-old woman has more than 1.3 million likes on her Instagram videos and over 8 million views. She is a successful woman, and her success is depicted by the number of her followers and subscribers.

She got married four years ago, and believe it or not, she is a young mom with a 3-year-old-son.

If you are one of her followers, you remember that going on live with her son surprised you and anyone else last year.

Although she is a mother with lots of responsibilities, she is always ready to make videos for people and conceal her tiredness.

In her most-watched video, she made fun of the old days comparing with these days in Iran. The funniest part of her video is that she acts as a modern girl, an old-fashioned girl, an old woman, a young woman, and men of different ages.

Her other funny video is about birthday parties long ago comparing with luxury parties these days. She acted as a whole member of a family and showed her capability in role-playing.

She got millions of likes and views and thousands of comments below her videos which show that people liked them, and her videos are base on a real story that most of us experienced.

There are a lot of influencers trying to make people laugh, but none of them is as successful as Serna.

It is highly recommended to check her Instagram account if you had a bad day and need to laugh!