Bepannaah Written Episode Update, August 20, 2018:Zoya Reads Aditya's Letter Again And Realises That he Never Lied
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Zoya walking down for her haldi. Arjun gets the haldi Aditya to send, and Zoya asks Roshna to use that haldi. She says that she wants to take it as Adi's final goodbye to her.

Later during the ceremony, Zoya imagines Adi. Adi reminds her of the time they met for the first time and then all the moments that they spend together. Adi also tells her that she has never told him that she does not love him.

Roshna sees the sadness on Zoya's face. Noor gets a ring in the haldi and Zoya remembers how Adi had said that this ring would go to the person he loves. Zoya wonders how much Adi is affecting her even though he nowhere around.(Also Read: Aditya Finally Lets Zoya Go!)

Adi sits remembering Zoya and her harsh words to him. Zoya is not able to control her tears as she just cannot get Adi out of her head. Zoya asks Noor to return the ring to Arjun and also ask him to take care of Aditya.

Arjun returns the ring to Aditya and says that Zoya had it. Aditya says that Zoya returned to the ring and proved that she does not want him around. Zoya finds Adi's letter in the drawer and reads it again.

She realises that it was not from Arshad and it was Adi. She realises that Adi always was trying to tell her and it was she who did not understand.