Bepannaah Written Episode Update, September 25, 2018: Wasim Throws Zoya And Aditya Out of His House

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Zoya seeking forgiveness of Arshad and his parents. Arshad's mother asks Zoya why she said yes to the marriage when she never wanted to.

Arshad asks his mother not to accuse her and says that Zoya herself has just realised her love. Arshad tells Zoya that her decision is right and it is good that she realised her love now.

Zoya says that Arshad is a very good man and he does not deserve all of this. Arshad's mother curses Zoya and says that she will never find happiness. They leave saying that.(Also Read: Aditya Escorts Zoya to Her Wedding With Arshad)

Zoya turns to her father now. She asks Wasim to forgive her. Wasim reminds Zoya that Yash deceived her once, but Zoya deceived him twice now. He asks Zoya to leave with Aditya as he has nothing to do with her any more.

Zoya begs and cries in vain. Aditya too begs Wasim to forgive her as she will not be able to live without him. Roshna supports her daughter and says that she stands by Zoya and Aditya. Wasim then drags Zoya and Aditya out and closes the door. Zoya cries away as she begs him to open.