As Anup and Jasleen are on a date, Surbhi and Shiv discuss in the living room that their romance is elegant. Shiv adds that viewers are seeing a different side of Anup. 

As Anup and Jasleen are on a date, Surbhi and Shiv discuss in the living room that their romance is elegant. Shiv adds that viewers are seeing a different side of Anup. 

Following a dramatic day, Bigg Boss has a special surprise planned for the distressed couple in the house Anup - Jasleen in the form of a romantic date.  In the activity area, Bigg Boss has decorated the space with a dinner table for two, dim lighting to enhance the ambience, roses and candles that paved the way to the diner.  Anup and Jasleen are seen getting extremely close and are seen to have let bygones be bygones. While Jasleen states how she missed doing a romantic dance with her beau, Anup goes on his knees with a red rose saying ‘I love you’ to her.

And now Surbhi also loses her cool after Sreesanth insults her. Sreesanth locks himself in the bathroom of the jail. Karanvir and Nehha tells him from outside that Sreesanth should not do this as he is making their case weak. Later he comes out of the bathroom, and things cool down after sometime. Jasleen and Anup are singing songs for each other and the housemates join them. Deepak and Surbhi, who are away from all of them say that Jasleen couldn't sacrifice her clothes for Anup and now she is signing songs for him. 

Sreesanth, Nehha and Karanvir tells the captains that they didn't count the votes correctly and because of that they are in jail. Karanvir and Sreesanth start protesting. Things get intense and Romil loses it on Sreesanth, and the latter too gets highly agitated. Sreesanth again threatens to leave the show again. 

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to pick one single and one jodi that will go to the kaalkothri. Sreesanth nominates himself because he didn't support his team fully during the tasks. Nehha also nominates herself from the singles because she thinks the way she spoke to Somi was wrong. Karanvir does the same. Srishty nominates Nehha because of the way she spoke to Somi. Deepak and Urvashi get the highest number of votes when it comes to the nomination of jodi. But the housemates still have to come to a consensus. Bigg Boss throws in a twist and announces that since Sreesanth and Karanvir nominated themselves, they are great human beings and they should suffer the punishment as they feel themselves. Hence, Sreesanth, Karanvir and Nehha are not only sent to jail, but also are nominated next week for evictions. Karanvir tells Dipika that he is going to jail on good terms, but she tells him that Bigg Boss was being sarcastic when he called Sreesanth and Karanvir great human beings, who know their mistakes. 

Next morning the contestants wake up and Surbhi and Romil have a slight argument as she refuses to get up from her bed. She later comes to Dipika in the kitchen and asks her who should go the jail this week, and Dipika says that it should be Nehha from the singles, and it is discussed with her and from the jodis it should be Deepak and Urvashi Vani, as he has been creating issues unnecessarily. 

Sreesanth tells Sourabh to give up the captaincy, but Sourabh doesn't agree. Sourabh tells Sreesanth that he will ask Shiv to give up only if it's done as a favour to Surbhi. Shiv and Sourabh agree, and they give up the ring. Surbhi asks him not to, but Shiv says he wants her to be the captain, and hence lets go off the ring. Nehha gives all the captain's responsibilities to Surbhi and Romil. Romil later tells Surbhi that she was wrong in abusing Somi and Saba during the task, and she should realise that she is on national television. She agrees and says she will take care henceforth. 

Dipika Kakar doesn't agree with Nehha's decision, but refuses to discuss about it with Surbhi, who says Nehha did the right thing. Nehha later tells Karanvir Bohra that she feels bad whenever someone cries because of her, but she adds that she stands by her decision. And Karanvir tells her not to feel guilty. Dipika and Nehha talk about latter's decision and Dipika tells her that she was somewhere wrong and that she would have treated the situation differently. 

Sreesanth has collected Romil Chaudhary and tells him that Nehha is being unfair to Somi, because she doesn't want to her to become the captain as she doesn't get along with her. As Shiv, Surbhi and Somi are holding on to the ring, Nehha disqualifies Somi as she was apparently using both her hands while holding the ring. Somi starts crying and says that Nehha is being unfair and calls her "ghatiya". She adds that the other two contestants got a warning, but not her and was disqualified directly. 

With fights, arguments and even lovers falling apart, the Bigg Boss House has seen it all this week. Post the completion of a gruelsome luxury budget task, Saba - Somi, Sorabh-Shivashish and Surbhi-Romil were chosen to compete for the Fizz Captain. Of the jodis only Somi, Surbhi and Shivashish took part in the task wherein all the three had to hold the captaincy ring for as long as they could and whoever left the ring was eliminated from the competition. Nehha was the moderator of the task, and she strongly took a decision against Somi for playing unfair. That's what we saw on last night's episode of Bigg Boss 12. Bigg Boss 12: Dipika Kakar Says This About Nehha Pendse To The Khan Sisters And It's Shocking - Watch Video.

Tonight, we will see how the Khan sisters will react to Nehha's decision, and of course Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu will go on a romantic date. Check out all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 right here.