Bigg Boss 12: Post Her Shocking Eviction, Neha Pendse Reveals Sreesanth's Reality In This Exclusive Video!
Neha Doesn't Mince Words; Calls Sreesanth Bad! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

"Is all the drama Sreesanth creating inside the Bigg Boss 12 House even worth It? Is It even entertaining?" questions Neha Pendse. The hottie is still finding it difficult to wrap her head around the fact that she is out of the show. The feeling is not sunk in. She was touted to be the winner of the show thanks to the fact that she never 'played games'. Her fans want to see her inside the glass-walled house. And we are wondering if she will reenter the show.

"I don't think Sreesanth is ready for Bigg Boss. I may not have played the game and might have fared average. But he (Sreesnath) is Bad! He is not respecting the game. He is not respecting Bigg Boss. If you don't like the place so much, why did you agree (to participate in the show)? questions Neha. Watch the video below as Pendse refuses to mince words. Bigg Boss 12: Housemates Want Surbhi Rana Out of the House Owing to Her Violent Behaviour - Watch Video

We second Neha's views. You don't have to be a genius to know that Sreesanth can be rattled at the slightest provocation. The former India pacer is locked up inside the Bigg Boss 12 house and now even fans know his temperament. When not seen talking illogical, Sreesanth is spotted crying like a baby. All he does better than any other contestant is repeating the threat of leaving the house. If he knew what Bigg Boss unfolds like, what the hell is he doing on the show?