Bigg Boss 12; Romil's Captaincy Rubs Housemates The Wrong Way; Surbhi Breaks Down Again!
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Tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 will see complete chaos in the house, as new captain Romil's way of nominating the Kaal Kothri contenders rubs everybody the wrong way. With Romil becoming the captain, he is bestowed with the power to nominate contestants to be sent to jail. But Romil's choices and his attitude do not go down well with the contestants, who time and again discuss amongst themselves, that Romil's attitude has changed after becoming the captain. Bigg Boss 12: Not Shivashish Mishra but Romil Chaudhary Becomes the New Captain of the House.

Romil's first choice of contestant to go into the jail is Megha (because of her fight with Deepak), but she disagrees to Romil's reasoning and refuses to go. However, she later on agrees and goes into the jail (but apparently comes out after seeing other contestants refuse). Bigg Boss 12, 14th November 2018 Episode Written Updates: Megha Dhade Calls Surbhi, Romil and Shiv LOSERS, They Mock Her Back.

Romil then takes Surbhi's name, but she also refuses to go to jail and creates a ruckus in the house yet again and then she breaks down. Next Romil picks Shivashish for being too aggressive during tasks. To this, Shivashish refuses to accept the reasons and declares that he will not go to jail 'come what may'. The rest of the housemates try to convince him but Shiv remains determined on his stand.

This irks Bigg Boss who then summons the contestants and tells them that because of Shiv's disregard for Bigg Boss house rules and punishes all by nominating everybody, apart from Romil who is the captain. This again leads to a fight between the housemates and Shiv.

Later in the day, the luxury budget task is introduced, where the housemates would be divided into two teams. The teams will have to overcome an obstacle course placed in the garden area and collect all slates with luxury budget items placed in the path. And the team that completes the task first will win the luxury budget task.

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