Looks like Shehnaaz Gill cannot stay without Sidharth Shukla as the girl goes and tries to talk with Sidharth in the dark. It so happens that while Sid is sleeping, Gill goes to Sid and giggles. Sid hears the same and then pulls Gill towards on the bed and the two snuggle cosily. Ummm... what's cooking? 

Due to Himanshi's ill health, the housemates urge to Bigg Boss to replace her as the undeserving. Well, BB agrees to the same to which the housemates unanimously picks Hindusti Bhau instead of Himanshi. 

Majority of the votes come in for Himanshi Khurrana and Khesari Lal Yadav. The two according to many are undeserving and are not doing anything meaty on the show. Going by the results, Bigg Boss gives the two inmates a punishment that they will not sleep until Bigg Boss' next announcement. Oh gosh!

Bigg Boss gathers the housemates in the living area and gives gyaan. Bigg Boss says that none of the contestants seems concerned about the nominations this season and its only wild card entrant, Shefali who seems to be playing the game well as she is the captain of the house in the second week itself. BB also tells the housemates to choose two names who they think are undeserving to be on the show? 

Shehnaaz Gills talks to Arti Singh and Shefali Jariwala that she wishes to be friends with Sidharth Shukla again. Arti and Shefali tells the singer to go and have a word with Shukla. 

The PCO task next sees Arhaan Khan and Asim Riaz. While Asim talks, talks and talks to which Arhaan listens and replies to him. None of the boys hang up the which leads to both being nominated. Then after the same, we see Himanshi Khurrana and Khesari Lal Yadav, wherein also both of them gets nominated. 

Its now Bhau vs Vishal Aditya Singh in the PCO task. The two lads do not agree on hanging up the call. But Hindustani Bhau uses his brain and tells Vishal that its his son's birthday today and so he can save him from nominations. And like a good boy, Vishal hangs up the call which leads to him being nominated. 

The task starts with Paras Chhabra vs Rashami Desai. The two are friends and Desai convinces Chhabra to hang up the call and he does the same, which leads to him being nominated. Next up, we see Mahira Sharma vs Arti Singh. The two girls argue over popularity and none could not decide who will hang up the call first, which leads to Mahira and Arti both up for nominations. 

As per this new nomination task, two contestants will go inside the PCO on the same time and the one who hangs up the call first will be the one nominated for this week and the other one will be safe. 

Shefali Jariwala and Devoleena Bhattacharjee have not been good friends inside the house. And Bigg Boss gives a huge power to the captain, Shefali wherein she can nominate a contestant straight away for evictions. And she picks Devoleena. Ouch!

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The house of all things controversial, Bigg Boss  13 is finally buckling up. After the wild cards entering inside the house, the show has got interesting. Having said that, after Tehseen Poonawalla's elimination from the show, the makers have now added one more wild card in the name of Vishal Aditya Singh on BB 13. On yesterday's episode, we also saw Vishal bursting the inmates myths in a task on Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. Well, Monday which is today, marks nomination day and it will be fun to see how it goes. Exclusive Bigg Boss 13: Tehseen Poonawalla Says His Nasty ‘Jawab’ to Asim Riaz Was in Response to Latter’s ‘Sawal’ on His Career.

Also in a video released by the makers of the show, we saw how Shehnaaz Gill again tries to be friends with Sidharth Shukla. We see Sidharth pulling Shehnaaz on bed and the two cuddle and talk cosily at night. Well, we wonder what's cooking? Follow our updates to know what all happened today on Bigg Boss 13. Stay tuned! Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Pulls Shehnaaz Gill on Bed and The Two Snuggle Cosily (Watch Video).